West London Humanists and Secularists


This Group

General queries to this group:   contact@westlondon.humanist.org.uk
For local initiatives:   community@westlondon.humanist.org.uk
For Humanist ceremonies in west London:   Oliver Murphy

  Caroline Black

Other Organisations

Click here. for links to other sites that may be of interest to people with humanist, secularist or similar views.

Email list
We keep a list of those people who wish to be kept up to date with our activities. This constitutes about 1-2 emails sent out a month, very rarely more than that. If you wish to be more informed about humanist and secularist activities on the local and national level, please register with Humanists UK (HUK) and the National Secular Society (NSS) If you want all of the updates from these organisations you should register with them directly. This can be done easily at the HUK and NSS websites.