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08 Jan 16:  Roger Haines: Review: of Biodiversity versus humanist ethics
28 Apr 14:  Graham Bell: Review: of "What Neuroscience tells us about Morality " by Patricia Churchland.
16 Oct 13:  Roger Haines: Comment: The Basis of Secular Morality.
16 Oct 13:  Charles Rudd: Review of "The great agnostic: Robert Ingersoll and American freethought" by Susan Jacoby.
9 July13:  Roger Haines: Review of "The Moral Landscape" by Sam Harris.
7 Mar13:  Philip Veasey: Comment on Ethical Jury Workshop held at the AHS Convention.
3 Mar13:  Matthew Power: Report on Ethical Jury held at Southampton University 26 November 2012.
3 Mar13:  Charles Rudd: Review of "Leaving Alexandria" by Richard Holloway.
27 Feb13:  Roger Haines: Review of "The Signal and the Noise, The Art and Science of Prediction" by Nate Silver.