West London Humanists and Secularists

Rebuilding in Palestine" -Dennis McEldowney, 18th June 2015

Dennis presented an illustrated account of his experiences, as one of a group organised by the Amos Trust, of rebuilding demolished Palestinian houses, near a refugee camp in the Occupied West Bank, south of Bethlehem.

Our speaker linked this to the wider perspective of the Israeli Occupation, illegal under International Law. He spoke of the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people and the apartheid policies of the Israeli government, and explained the role of the Wall, the ubiquitous checkpoints, the constant military incursions by the IDF (Israeli “Defence” Forces), and the ever-expanding and illegal settlements, all part of which he argued can be seen as the matrix of control – of the Palestinian population.

After refreshments, Colin Lomas chaired a lively discussion of Dennis’s report and the issues arising from it. Prominent among these issues were the distinction between anti-semitism and outrage at Israeli state policy in Palestine, and the appropriateness of boycott measures in response to the latter.

You can download the report here

29th June 2015