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Upcoming events:

On the first Thursday of every month, we meet for an evening social at Crispins Wine Bar in Ealing.

On the third Thursday of every month, we have our main meeting at Ealing Quaker Meeting House, for which there is a £4 attendance fee (£3 for WLHS members) to cover venue hire costs. The upcoming programme for these meetings is given below:

Thursday 15th June 2017
Free Will: Illusion or defining mark of Humanity?
The existence of "Free Will" is usually taken for granted in discussions of things like moral choice, moral responsibility, and creativity. Indeed, some thinkers have held it up as a capability at the root of what makes us human. Yet on the other hand, many critics claim that science shows our capacity to make choices to be an illusion, a comforting story that we tell ourselves in defiance of the evidence.

Branch chairperson Roger Haines has made a 'retirement project' of studying the rights and wrongs of this debate, and here will give a presentation of his findings.

Autumn 2017
Andrew Copson, chief executive of the British Humanist Association, will be speaking to us later this year. This event was originally scheduled for our May 2017 meeting, but was unfortunately postponed. Exact date yet to be confirmed. Please watch this space.

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