West London Humanists and Secularists


Counter Apologetics (See report)


Is Humanism a "Faith"? (See report)

Rebuilding in Palestine- Dennis McEldowney (See report)
Perivale Wood "Bluebell" Walk (See report)
Epiphenomenism & Free Will by Norman Bacrac (See report)
Minds, Brains & Science - The 1984 Reith Lecture by John Searle.- Dr Tony Constable (See report)

Can Humanism embrace "Spirituality"? (See report)
The BHA School Volunteers Program - Sara Passmore (Pre-meeting publicity)
ROBOTS: mechanical bodies; mythical minds; monstrous dangers? - Mark Bishop (Pre-meeting publicity)
Humanism and Animal Welfare - Roger Haines (See Report)
The Sunday Assembly - Sanderson Jones (Pre-meeting publicity)

A Humanist Apologetics Workshop - Truman Urban (see Report)
The Love Symposium (see Report)
Is Privacy Old-Fashioned? - Kate Russell (see Report)
The Sea of Faith - Alan Hayes (see Report)
Tax Havens and the Revolt Against Democracy - John Christensen (see Report)
Ethical Jury - "Immoral Morale (The Slippery Slope to Corruption)" (see Report)
Old Age Rational Suicide - Dr. Michael Irwin (see Report)

Biotechnology and its Moral Dilemmas - Truman Urban (see Report)
Sharia in the UK - Anne Marie Waters (see Report)
Ethical Jury - "Grandmother's Cat" (see Report)
The War on Drugs - David Carvajal (see Report)
The Role of Courage in Morality - Ben Aumônier, Richard Norman,Philip Veasey (see Report)
Improving Healthcare for Two Million People in North West London - Dr Mark Spencer (see Report)
In Search of the Truth: Investigative Journalism in a Digital Age - Iain Overton (see Report)
Honesty and Integrity - Seminar (see Report)
Growing up in the Soviet Union (Linda Veasey) (see Report)
Religion's Political Grip on Europe (David Pollock) (see Report)

Ethical Jury - The London "Riots" (see Report)
Terry Sanderson, President of the National Secular Society (see Report)
The Astrological basis of Religion (Mike Lawrence) (see Report)
Voluntary Euthanasia, Assisted Dying and the Idea of Dignity (Dr. Piers Benn) (see Report)
Making sense of GM (Dr. Michael Black) (see Report)
Humanist Ceremonies (Caroline Black) (see Report)
Ethical Jury - The Daughter's School Party (Philip Veasey) (see Report)

Ripples into Waves (Carolyn Hayman of Peace Direct) (see Report)
Why Population Matters (Simon Ross) (see Report)
What is Ethical Rationality? (Tom Rubens) (see Report)
Truth and Proof (Philip Veasey) (see Report)
Ethical Jury (Michael Imison) (see Report)

The Relevance of Scientific Method to Humanism (see Report 1) (see Report 2)