West London Humanists and Secularists

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If you would like to comment on or be part of this project then please get in touch through our email address contact@westlondon.humanist.org.uk.   You do not need to be a member of WLHS to do this.

Primarily we need people to facilitate moral decision processes using the project's techniques. These people should be prepared to attend project meetings where the lessons learned can be pooled and the processes and tools can be continuously improved. We also need people who are prepared to host events facilitated by project members. A limited number of project members are needed to help firm up the project's philosophical underpinnings.

Lord Devlin 1905-1992, British judge and law lord said:

'No society has solved the problem of how to teach morality without religion.'

We can no longer afford to leave the field to the religions.

If you can help, and think morality is important, please JOIN IN.