West London Humanists and Secularists


You may find the following websites of interest. (N.B. Our provision of a link to an organisation does not necessarily mean that West London Humanists and Secularists condones or agrees with the views of that organisation.)

For the development of a secular moral code:   Secular Morality Project
WLHS is a partner of:   The British Humanist Association
WLHS is affiliated to:   National Secular Society
For campaigning for Atheism:   Atheism
Promoting Humanism in Europe:   European Humanist Federation
Promoting Humanism in Universities:   Nat'l Fdn. of Atheist, Humanist and Secular Student Societies
International organisation for Humanists:   International Humanist & Ethical Union
International body promoting Humanism:   Institute for Humanist Studies
Refining the Art of Human Rationality:   Less Wrong
Fighting for religious liberty:   American Atheists
Rational look at religion and morality:   God Would Be an Atheist
For separation of state and church:   Freedom From Religion Foundation
List of secular/atheist/humanist websites:   Secularsites
Council for Secular Humanism:   Secular Humanism Worldwide
Worldwide forum for rationalist ideas:   Rationalist International
Information for atheists and freethinkers:   Atheist Resource
Humanist Internet Community:   iHumanism
Secular web community of non-believers:   Infidels' Secular Website
Women fighting against tyranny of Islam:   Revol. Ass. of Women of Afghanistan
Apostates expose crimes of Islam:   Faith Freedom International
Ex-Muslims discuss Islam:   Apostates of Islam
Defends Western Civilization:   Omdurman.org
Warns of Muslim jihad mentality:   Jihad Watch
Monitors the Muslim Council of Britain:   MCB Watch
Watches the media watchers:   Media Watch Watch
Defending human rights worldwide:   Human Rights Watch
Voice for homosexual Humanists:   Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association
Opposed to Political Correctness:   Campaign Against Political Correctness
For an altruistic world community:   Association of World Citizens
Worldwide movement for 'bright' people:   The Brights
Revering the universe and nature:   World Pantheist Movement
Explains naturalistic philosophy:   Naturalism
Web community dedicated to philosophy:   E-Philosopher
Critical look at the Bible and Koran:   Skeptic's Annotated Bible
Nasty excerpts from the Bible:   Evil Bible
UK publisher and web bookshop:   Rationalist Association
Secular humanist monthly magazine:   The Freethinker
Humanist magazine published by RPA:   New Humanist
List of atheist & humanist quotations:   Positive Atheism: Quotations
Promoting science and humanity:   Darwin Day Celebration
Prominent atheist scientist/philosopher:   Professor Richard Dawkins
For ethical technological progress:   World Transhumanist Association
Critical thinking about the future:   Extropy Institute
Studying the future:   World Future Society
Biography of Humanist Isaac Asimov:   P.D.Hutcheon's Humanist Writing
Your right to die in dignity:   Dignity in Dying (was Vol. Euth. Soc.)
Advice on dying and burials at home:   Natural Death Centre
For environmentally friendly burials:   Native Woodland Burial Sites
Contact your MP or Councillor:   Write to Them