West London Humanists and Secularists

Can Humanism embrace "Spirituality"
Debate held on June 19 2014

Report by Roger Haines:

Marilyn Mason (former BHA Education Officer) opened the debate by recognizing that the term "spirituality" was sometimes used in a harmless way, but also warned of the dangers of misinterpretation and felt that in general the term was best avoided. See her contribution attached.

Jeremy Rodell (chair, SW London humanists) replied arguing that some of the ideas represented by the term are essential ones so we should insist on the right to use the word in the sense we understand. He has since developed these thoughts into the attached article.

Roger Haines, chairing, offered a brief summary of a short paper he had written on the subject (supporting Jeremy's view, but linked to speculation about how the brain works), which is attached here.

In case of compatability issues, PDF versions of the report have been provided:

Humanism & Spirituality- Jeremy Rodell (PDF format)
Humanism & Spirituality- Roger (PDF format)
Humanism & Spirituality- Marilyn (PDF format)