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Minds, Brains & Science - The 1984 Reith Lecture by John Searle."
Presented by Dr Tony Constable 19/02/15

Tony briefly explained the background and then presented the text of John Searle’s introductory lecture, “A froth on reality”, which Tony suggested was a good starting point for any thinking about this very topical subject. Note that the original lecture is still available on BBC iPlayer at:

A wide-ranging discussion followed, on points as various as the possibility of telepathy, whether consciousness is a single thing or many different things that happen to coincide, and the issues raised by Tom Stoppard’s new play entitled “The Hard Problem” – a term in the philosophy of mind whose meaning has evidently changed since the Searle lecture was broadcast.

Roger Haines has written a response to some of the points made in the Searle lecture which is attached here: “Subjective and Objective Reality”

Yours truly - 5 March 2015